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Get your business technically ready in no time with state-of-art technology at an affordable price.

Quick-start packages for SMBs and Startups

Setup your business in just 1 week

Congratulations on your new business, now it's time to setup your domain, website, email server, email policies, certificates, CRM, communication and productivity tools, e-commerce, and other technologies.

Our Startup/SMB package includes:

  • Domain and Email server setup

  • Website setup and development

  • Social channels setup

  • Productivity and Collaboration tools configuration

  • Apply templates for security and compliance best practices

  • User management and configuration

  • Tests and quality assurance

  • Other optional services, including, CRM, ERP, Billing, and Invoicing setup.

Start-up business
BlueHive Bee

Your tell us what you need and we take care of everything else

BlueHive offers, in partnership with Maitha Tech, customized solutions for all your IT stack setup and development needs. Our team will carefully assemble the ideal team to deliver your project to ensure continuous deliveries without having to worry about internal resources allocation and meeting deadlines for your company launch and initial business operations.


We help your organization transform ideas into projects that align with your budget and deadlines


We map all your business needs and we create a project plan considering your timetable, technologies, internal processes and required skillset.


Based on your scope and business needs we find the best resources in the market to compose your squad and guarantee quality deliveries for every milestone


With a Premium Project Management, you have full visibility on deliveries and timelines with transparency and accuracy.


Latest tech and methodologies

Our team is constantly trained and prepared to deliver using the latest technology and methodologies in the market, matching your organization needs, standards and requirements at easy.


A team of specialists

With more than 200 developers and tech professionals specialized on tops-shelf technologies, we're ready to expand your delivery capacity.



Relying on well-defined projects and business goals, we're able to provide you with accurate cost estimates, timetables and expected results. Leaving behind those unexpected surprises and headaches from never-ending poorly designed projects.


Business focus

We design and build solutions to solve business problems and for that our processes are designed to align the technical requirements and solution design to measurable business impacts.


Risk mitigation

Our experience, expertise and ability to scale as needed, mitigates the most common risks for companies developing new products and solutions. With reliability, dependability, and predictability, your company can focus on what comes next and let us take care of everything else for you.

What make us unique

Startup SMB
Contact Us

Contact Us

Deliver a successful project in 3 simple steps

1. Contact BlueHive

2. We scope your project at no cost

3. Your project starts 


We're also available over the phone: +1 (321) 341-3349
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What Our Clients Say

Claudia Leite - BitFractal CEO

"Our partnership with BlueHive Software allowed us to move quicker and get our entire tech stack set up at no time, with little effort from my team with all the heavy lifting handed over to BlueHive, which gave us an incredibly reduced time to market."
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