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Together we bring the best of intelligent SaaS applications for IVR test automation, quality management, and performance certification.

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Visual Verify

A modern Contact Center solution to ensure your self-service has superior quality of service

  • A real-time, non-intrusive and adjustable IVR monitoring solution that verifies your IVR, infrastructure and applications

  • Emulates the real interactions of customers from the public telephone network and sends alerts in real-time.

  • Provides proof of encountered problems and performance reports


  • Problems with infrastructure & numbers

  • IVR Failure Response

  • IVR Response time

  • Incorrect IVR messages & prompt errors

  • Silence or large delays with IVR

  • Application Response

  • Dead ends and drop outs

  • Voice Biometrics Verification

  • Changes in the IVR


  • Problems with Infrastructure, IVR and Applications.

  • Wrong date, time, account number, script, and steps.

Visual Verify
Visual Verify

Excellence in Technology

BlueHive is ready to support your company with experts in the latest technologies for IVRs, Contact Centers, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Productivity running on-premises or on any Commercial Cloud, using Open Source or packaged solutions.


Visual Verify is a modular solution that monitors services and applications. performs stress tests, sends surveys and analyzes customer’s selections in Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Cloud Solution

Ideal and effective with no equipment or maintenance policies needed.

Fully Customizable

Quickly customize Visual Verify to support your business and unique processes.

Mystery Shopper Methodology

We fully monitor the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and applications response surpassing compliance challenges.

Mobile Application Verification

Monitoring of mobile applications (IOS/Android) , automation of processes, registration of records in databases.

System HealthCheck

Automated health checks on your different systems (Avaya, Cisco, Skype, Verint, Nice, among others).

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Assess, monitor, test, and certify your IVR performance and quality with a fully-automated SaaS solution

Visual Verify improves the customer experience by reducing failed calls, IVR and application errors before client's awareness of them. Our solution maps all IVR processes and changes to identify improvement opportunities, and strengthen support areas by improving troubleshooting alerts with detailed information.

Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service Solution 

Born in the cloud using the best of tech to deliver a solution for individuals or companies with simplicity. No installations or downloads required.


By using an fully-automated test and quality assurance solution, companies can get their IVRs ready to serve their customers faster than ever before.

Collaboration and Productivity

With rich analytics and insights, Visual Verify helps IVR Admins, Business Teams, and Support Teams to collaborate to bring relevant and successful self-service channels to customers.

Meet users where they are

Using Voice or Mobile channels are user's choices and Visual Verify will help you ensure both are well designed and performing at high standards to meet your customers' expectations.

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Contact Us

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