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BitFractal - AI for Business Made Simple

BitFractal brings the best of AI, ChatGPT and Cognitive technologies to business users on Microsoft Teams to increase productivity and collaboration.

Boosting Productivity with AI, ChatGPT and Microsoft 365

To empower our customers and bring them unmatched productivity, powered by the latest AI technologies, BlueHive partnered with BitFractal to bring the best of AI, ChatGPT and Azure Cognitive technologies to business users on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to boost productivity and collaboration like never before.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Companies of all sizes trust BitFractal to accelerate their business through easy AI adoption to bring their global teams together, scale up voice productions with reliability and security.

Quickly build voice projects for marketing, blog posts, e-learning, ads, IVRs, and more

BitFractal leverages cutting edge technology to transform text scripts into natural voice clips to be used for promos, ads, social media posts, news, corporate trainings, e-learning and many other applications.

BitFractal TTS App

Give voice to your ideas with Text-to-Speech

Use AI to create professional audio segments using 330+ neural voices across 129 languages and variants, or create your own personalized synthetic voices, combined to the incomparable productivity and collaboration of Microsoft Teams.

Add Neural translation and the power of OpenAI and ChatGPT to build voice projects even faster. 

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