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BitFractal - AI for Business Made Simple

Together we bring the best of AI, ChatGPT and Cognitive technologies to business users on Microsoft Teams and M365 to increase productivity and collaboration

AI & GPT Business Solutions

Embrace the new step in technology evolution by bringing AI and GPT capabilities to enhance your users productivity and collaboration.

At BlueHive, we understand that technology should make life easier, not more complicated. That’s why we specialize in software development and AI/GPT integration, to provide you with the best tools and technologies to help your business succeed. We’re proud to partner with BitFractal to bring the cutting-edge of AI technologies to our clients, combining the powers of Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure and Open AI to give superpowers to your business users.

AI Solutions
BlueHive Bee

Quickly build voice over projects for marketing, blog posts, e-learning, ads, IVRs, and more...

Connecting with customers or an audience through voice creates proximity and better engagement results, but doing this in a consistent way across different channels can be challenging for organizations that must rely on costly studios, professional recordings and multiple back and forth to make a project succeed. With BlueHive and BitFractal, human-like voice clips can be generated simply and as many times as needed, using Neural AI Voices with different styles, genders, languages and profiles that becomes your company's brand for internal and external contents. 

Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service Solution 

Born in the cloud using the best of AI to deliver a solution for individuals or companies with simplicity. No installations or downloads required.

AI Cognitive Services

Backed by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and OpenAI, BitFractal delivers neural voices clips that can be customized with speaking styles to produce professional content that looks just like humans. 

Collaboration and Productivity

BitFractal runs on Microsoft Teams and M365 to add and enhance collaboration and productivity for the entire organization while building voice projects.

Meet users where they are

BitFractal was designed to be available for all users in their flow of work. As an App, a bot, as part of a team chat, or as collaborative tab on a channel. BitFractal is wherever the user is.

GPT Applications

Add Open AI and GPT capabilities to your business

Our custom Open AI GPT applications leverage the newest AI capabilities that are transforming how applications are created. Our experts will work with you to design and develop an AI-based application that meets your specific needs and delivers a superior user experience. We combine the power of the latest AI technology with our extensive software development experience to create the perfect solution for your business.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Deliver a successful AI/GPT project in 3 simple steps

1. Contact BlueHive

2. We scope your project at no cost

3. Your project starts 


We're also available over the phone: +1 (321) 341-3349
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What Our Clients Say

Jonathan Mercy, Content Creator

"BitFractal's AI solution allowed me to quickly create all my voice-over projects while working in collaboration with my teammates. This is productivity like I never had before."
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