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BlueHive Unlocks the Power of Technology

Unlock the Power of Technology

Expand your dev and tech team to bring innovation to your business with agility, quality and performance from the best IT Pros around the world.


Services and Solutions You Can Trust

BlueHive Delivery Centers

Operating at a Global Scale

  • HQ in Orlando, FL, USA

  • Delivery Center in São Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City, MX

  • Get access to the top 1% Tech Pros in the World

  • Professionals working on US working hours and holidays

  • More than 250 resources highly trained and certified 

  • More than 30 implementations for customers across different industries

  • More than 120 resources working at customers’ premises

Cost-effective solutions that meet your budget and high-quality criteria

Services for Business Transformation

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Tech Staff Augmentation

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Continuous Development

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Turnkey Solutions

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IVR Testing & Monitoring

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Quick-start for Startups and SMBs

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AI / GPT Solutions 

Tech Staff Augmentation

BlueHive offers, customized solutions for all your IT, DevOps and offshore software development needs. Our team will carefully recruit and allocate the best professionals to meet both your business and technical requirements, taking into consideration their technical and behavioral aspects.

Continuous Development

Introducing a revolutionary decentralization of your development process. Partnering with Maitha, BlueHive builds and manages the custom teams needed for your project, helping you reach your development goals with unmatched efficiency. Let BlueHive and Maitha take you where you want to go with their unique continuous development model.

Turnkey Solutions

We are the premier provider of turnkey projects. Our team of professionals will take all the hassle out of your project, making sure that it is delivered on time according to your specifications, while maintaining the highest quality standards that BlueHive and Maitha are renowned for.

IVR Testing and Monitoring

IVR and Mobile Apps assessment, monitoring, testing, stress tests, and consulting. Everything you need to bring best practices and quality to all your self-service channels to improve customer experience, retention, and satisfaction.

Start-up business

New business? Now it's time to setup your domain, website, email, CRM, communication and productivity tools, e-commerce, and other technologies. Overwhelmed? Not sure how to do it? BlueHive is ready to help with a quick-start package to get your business up and running in just 1 week.

GPT Applications

To empower our customers and bring them unmatched productivity, powered by the latest AI technologies, BlueHive partnered with BitFractal to bring the best of AI, ChatGPT and Azure Cognitive technologies to business users on Microsoft Teams to boost productivity and collaboration like never before.

Partner SaaS Solutions

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Visual Verify by Telnorm

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AI Voiceover TTS by BitFractal

Visual Verify by Telnorm

  • A real-time, non-intrusive and adjustable IVR monitoring solution that verifies your IVR, infrastructure and applications

  • Emulates the real interactions of customers from the public telephone network and sends alerts in real-time.

  • Provides proof of encountered problems and performance reports


  • Problems with infrastructure & numbers

  • IVR Failure Response

  • IVR Response time

  • Incorrect IVR messages & prompt errors

  • Silence or large delays with IVR

  • Application Response

  • Dead ends and drop outs

  • Voice Biometrics Verification

  • Changes in the IVR


  • Problems with Infrastructure, IVR and Applications.

  • Wrong date, time, account number, script, and steps.

BlueHive & Telnorm
Visual Verify

AI Voiceover TTS by BitFractal

  • Use AI to create professional audio segments using 330+ neural voices across 129 languages and variants, or create your own personalized synthetic voices, combined to the incomparable productivity and collaboration of Microsoft Teams.

  • Add Neural translation and the power of OpenAI and ChatGPT to build voice projects even faster.

Made for Microsoft 365 and Teams


The BitFractal App was designed in partnership with Microsoft and certified to run on Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams, to meet users where they are while benefiting from the enhanced productivity of Office 365 and Teams and the security and reliability of Azure with integrated Single-Sign-On (SSO).

BitFractal for Microsoft Teams

Get the best of both worlds

Our goal is to bring to our customers the best the world can offer, by aligning talent and technologies from across the globe, we bring the efficiency, flexibility and personalization your business need to thrive. Your success is on click away.

BlueHive Solutions

BlueHive is a software development company founded in the heart of Central Florida, driven by a passion for creating better software solutions with the newest technologies. With decades of experience in software development, AI, and outsourcing across multiple geographies and industries, BlueHive is the combination of innovative ideas and technical experience that come together to create solutions to solve customer needs. We specialize in custom software development, cloud solutions, mobile application development, and more. 

Who We Are

At BlueHive, we believe that the uniqueness of each business can be achieved through solutions tailored to reach their goals. We strive to provide the best possible software development and products to our customers, taking advantage of the latest technologies and expert developers from around the world. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition and our mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions to our clients. With our customer-focused approach, we make sure that our customer needs are taken into consideration every step of the way.

Our Mission

Our Technologies

BlueHive is an innovative software development company that is driven by customer needs. We are always ready to adapt to any requirements our customers may have. For those customers who may not be familiar with the latest technologies, our team is here to help. We specialize in the most cutting-edge AI technologies, like ChatGPT, OpenAI, and many more. Our team is experienced in working with the most popular languages and frameworks, such as React, Node, Angular, Vue, Flutter, Python, .NET, Java, and many more. We strive to create products that are tailored to our customers’ needs and help them stand out in their industry.

BlueHive Services

About  Us


Partnerships that drive customer success

Maitha Tech Software Development Company

Maitha Tech is our software development and outsourcing partner to help our customers expand their development capacity, design new software solutions, build new projects, and continuously improve existing websites, applications and solutions.

The above customer logos represent some of past and current Maitha's customers with projects delivered in partnership or not with BlueHive

To empower our customers and bring them unmatched productivity, powered by the latest AI technologies, BlueHive partnered with BitFractal to bring the best of AI, ChatGPT and Azure Cognitive technologies to business users on Microsoft Teams to boost productivity and collaboration like never before.

BitFractal - AI for Business Made Simple